Sex toys business thrives in Chennai

July 20, 2010 01:55 PM

The market for sex toys and sex aids has been thriving in Chennai secretly and silently with people no longer playing coy about asking for them. Patni Plaza on Waltax Road appeared much like any other ‘imported goods’ shopping space with Customs Notified Shops littering its narrow corridors.

An electronics shop in the complex was crammed with dildos of every possible size, shape and colour, vibrating rings, penis elongators and caps and sexual stimulant medication. Surprisingly, there was no attempt to keep things under wraps or hidden from view.

Shankar the shopkeeper says that, “Any type of sex toys can be supplied.”

“Ordinary dildos cost Rs 1,500-3,000. The ‘human’ model is pure silicone and even has veins. It costs only Rs 3,500 and comes with a remote control,” he informs.
Apparently, sales are seasonal and his largest customer bases are young and middle aged women. “Mostly young people make purchases, but sometimes I get older women as well,” the trader says with a wink in the eye.

Sex toys are not limited to women, even if dildos are all people have heard of.
Men can choose from vibrating rings (Rs 100 - Rs 1,500), fake vaginas and even sex dolls (life-sized figurines of women that can be blown, used and deflated). “Since they cost Rs 5,000 or more, we don’t stock too many dolls. Celebrity dolls are popular, though,” says Prakash.

He further adds that, all the goods are ‘Imported from China’ and “100% safe and tested.” Every other dealer in that complex merely stock duplicate from Burma Bazaar, he cautions. European products can also be ordered, but the price range is nearly double.
“Chinese goods are neatly packed with an instruction manual.

Posted on forums on Facebook is the link to a site that has a catalogue of products offered by ‘Chennai call boy akshay’. Complete with product code, price, picture and description the service offers a special ‘cash-on-delivery’ benefit for Chennai customers. Why? The reason is that the service is based in Chennai! Delivery anywhere else in the country will be done only after pre-payment.

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